A New Way to Explore The National Archives

The National Archives has recently launched a new version of Discovery which enables archive users to search, browse and tag 32 million record descriptions for thousands of collections across the UK. This replaces the beta service that has been in development over the last year.                                                                                    

As well as the millions of records held by The National Archives, Discovery searches over 10 million additional records held by more than 2,500 archives and organisations across the UK, making it a unique archival resource for researchers around the world. The value to researchers of combining catalogue and organisational data from across the UK archives sector in one place is enormous, and highlights our commitment to our role as sector lead.                                                                

The A2A and NRA services will close on 28 October.  We are pleased that users have responded positively to their integration into Discovery

Work continues to develop additional functionality in Discovery for the data that was previously held in ARCHON and the MDR and these standalone services will close later in the autumn. Once they have been closed, redirects will be in place and will take users to Discovery.