2013 BAC cataloguing grant application open

In support of the National Strategy for Business Archives, the Business Archives Council (BAC) is delighted to announce that it is once again offering a cataloguing grant for business collections. The aim of the grant, in funding the cataloguing of a business collection in either the private or public sector, is to:

o provide financial support for institutions/businesses that manage business archives
o reach collections that have not yet been prioritised but have potential academic or socio-historical value
o create opportunities for archivists or para-professionals/volunteers to gain experience in listing business collections
o make more business collections accessible

We envisage that the £2000 grant will be used over the equivalent of a 4-week period to fund an archive intern or temporary staff member (under professional supervision) to catalogue a discrete collection of business records. This can either be a detailed catalogue of a small collection or a top-level catalogue of a more substantial collection. Grant recipients should provide the BAC with an article for its newsletter, and the catalogue should be made available to the National Register of Archives (published by The National Archives).

Previous applicants are welcome to re-apply. Please note that the BAC would not normally award a grant to the same institution within three years.

Applicants are also welcome to apply to this year’s cataloguing grant for business archives related to the arts, if applicable (to be launched on 1st May 2013).

Any questions about the grant should be addressed to Lorna Williams, Trustee of the Business Archives Council, at

email: lorna.williams@bankofengland.co.uk
tel: 020 7601 4889

Find out more about the application process.