Guidance and Proceedings Notes

The BAC guidance and proceedings notes are based on the annual conference themes and are for the use of archive managers, staff and researchers.

Collecting Business Archives is the proceedings of the 2015 conference Hunter Gatherers: Collecting Today's Business Archives. The document includes an overview of the conference themes and discussions and notes from each of the sections: Shifting Landscapes; Collecting from Inside the Organisation; Alternative Collecting; National Strategies; and Collecting Challenges.

Business Archives Access Guidance Notes highlights access issues relating to business records and is based on the presentations and discussion at the 2014 BAC conference Let the right one in? Challenging perceptions of access to business archives The four sections of the guidance are: Business Archives and Social Media (jointly produced with BAC Scotland); Delivering and Opening Up Archives in the Arts Sector - case studies; Let The Right One In? Gaining and Allowing Access; and Access-Past, Present and Future.