Complete Publications List


Wendy Habgood, Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. A guide to historical records (Manchester 1994)

Lesley Richmond and Alison Turton, The brewing industry: a guide to historical records (Manchester, 1990)

Lesley Richmond and Bridget Stockford, Company archives: a survey of the records of 1000 of the first registered companies in England and Wales(Aldershot, 1986)

Lesley Richmond & Alison Turton (eds.), Directory of corporate archives (Business Archives Council, 4th ed., 1996)

LA Ritchie, The shipbuilding industry: a guide to historical records (Manchester, 1992)

Alison Turton & John Orbell, British Banking. A Guide to Historical Records (Aldershot 2001). This publication updated a previous survey. Available to members at cost of £50.

Lesley Richmond, Julie Stevenson & Alison Turton, The Pharmaceutical Industry. A Guide to Historical Records (Aldershot, 2003)


Alison Turton (ed.), Managing Business Archives (Butterworth-Heinemann and the Business Archives Council, Oxford, 1991)

John Orbell, A Guide to Tracing the History of a Business (Gower, Aldershot, 1987)

Directory of Corporate Archives, (BAC 1996)

Business Archives Access Guidance Notes (BAC 2015)


The BAC journals carry articles on the management of modern records, the administration of business archives and source material for business history, and include a bibliography of new relevant literature and lists of business records deposited in record offices.

The journals back to 1965 until the last edition published in 2014 can be accessed by all. Click below to access the database: