Call for Submissions for the EABH conferences

The EABH are looking for paper submissions for a day workshop and conference run in June and July in cooperation with the Bulgarian National Bank. The first workshop is titled 'Digital rebirth of historical datasets' and will be held 30 June 2022 in Sofia. The second day conference is titled 'The Monetary unions in history' will take place 1 July 2022 in Sofia.

Digital rebirth of historical datasets

Central banks and other financial institutions have longstanding histories and rich archives. These contain extensive sets of historical information and hence are an extremely valuable source of knowledge about the evolution of financial institutions’ functions and mandates; as much as the trajectory of financial systems and the economic development of countries and regions.

This workshop will explore key quantitative historical financial data, historical dataset accessibility and IT tools and innovation.

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Monetary unions in history
This conference will discuss the phenomenon of currency unions in a global historical context with a special focus on the challenges brought about by trends of isolationism and confrontation.

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Please submit abstracts no later than 1 November 2021 to You will be informed about acceptance by 17 December. Full papers will need to be submitted by 1 June 2022.