Statement from Crisis Management Team on business closures during COVID-19 pandemic

Many of you will have seen in the news that a number of significant British businesses have collapsed in recent days. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances we will likely see more historically/culturally significant businesses go under in the coming months. The UK Crisis Management Team (CMT) are monitoring the news and contacting administrators where necessary to help ensure business archives are not lost over the next few months, including in the cases of BrightHouse, Laura Ashley Ltd., Flybe Ltd., and Remnant Kings.

The CMT urge colleagues across the sector – particularly in local authority archives – to keep an eye out for businesses in their area that close or are in danger of closing and let the CMT know by contacting Christopher Cassells in the first instance

Recent positive outcomes of the team’s work included Thomas Cook: where administrators worked with CMT and archive community successfully to safeguard heritage:

The team currently has capacity but may need support over the coming months. Any expressions of interest from volunteers to assist the work of the CMT in coordinating contacts and actions around at-risk records. The role of the CMT is mainly virtual in alerting administrators of closed businesses, contacting repositories and providing advice including linking to the Crisis Management page. A perfect task to do from home. 

If you would be interested in helping please contact Richard Wiltshire –