Business Archives Council announce online sessions for members

In June 2020, the Business Archives Council will be hosting three FREE special afternoon online sessions for members.

These sessions are themed and have been prioritised using results of a recent BAC Twitter poll to look at the following:

  • The call to collect: Business archives and COVID-19: How are COVID-collecting projects to capture the current pandemic going? Time: 9 June 2020 between 3 – 4 pm, BST
  • Businesses in a Pandemic: Meet Members of the Crisis Management Team: Businesses are at risk more than ever. What’s currently being covered by the Crisis Management Team? Time: 11 June 2020 between 3 – 4 pm, BST
  • Business archives and online user engagement – will COVID-19 actually change anything? What new online business archive resources are available for users? Time: 24 June 2020 between 3 – 4 pm, BST

The idea of the sessions are that you can drop in and out as you require. The convenors will be online with ZOOM. You can join the meeting, ask a question and then leave or equally if you want to listen to others’ questions and answers then you are more than welcome to stay. Remember to mute your device when listening but also ask questions too!

These sessions follow-on from a successful session Talking Shop at Tea Time for record keepers and researchers held 27 April 2020 where members discussed current issues documenting responses to COVID-19. Notes from the discussions are here:

The sessions are advertised for BAC members. Anyone who is not a member but interested would need become a member of the BAC via If you have just submitted your membership please email Richard Wiltshire who will forward full session instructions/links.