DPC briefing day 'Shared Service and Common Purpose: Digital Preservation as Infrastructure'

Sponsored by Jisc, the Digital Preservation Coalition has organized a free event ‘Shared Service and Common Purpose: Digital Preservation as Infrastructure’ a briefing day in London on 20 March 2018.

With volumes of data increasing, and budgets to manage these data unable to keep pace, investments in digital preservation must be strategic and targeted to ensure the best value for money more than ever before. To help organisations develop sustainable and cost-effective solutions that meet particular and distinct needs, they will first need to understand what is driving their investment and where it will have the most impact.

One solution for optimising the impact of such investments in digital preservation may be through sharing infrastructure, resources and effort among complementary institutions.

This open event is designed to share lessons learned about shared services in the context of research data management, and how these may be applied to groups of complementary organisations of every type, in every sector.

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