Call for papers for 'The Post Office in the Telecommunications Age'

Call for papers for The Post Office in the Telecommunications Age, a workshop which will explore the history of the British Post Office from its monopolisation of the telegraph service in 1869 under control of the state until the privatisation of the telecommunications business as British Telecom. The workshop will take place at The Science Museum on 31 August 2017. Registration will be free.

Proposals for papers twenty-minute in length, no more than 350 words, together with the name and institutional affiliation of the speaker should be sent to Jacob Ward at The closing date for submissions is 1st May 2017.

The workshop is convened by PhD candidates Rachel Boon, University of Manchester, Alice Haigh, University of Leeds, and Jacob Ward, UCL, in conjunction with The Science Museum.

For more information on the workshop take a look at the Royal Historical Society event page.