Call for papers for EaBH 2015 conference

Inflation. Does it still matter today? will be the 2015 EaBH conference hosted by the Czech National Bank and in cooperation with the Czech Banking Association on 15 May 2015, Prague, Czech Republic.

Inflation is one of the biggest challenges for any country. If price levels rise all across the economy, nations can be threatened by impoverishment.

Thirty years after the development of global disinflation (which occurred in the 1980s), does inflation still matter?  Recent global developments challenge policy-makers. Does current US monetary policy bring dangers of inflation back to the global economy? Or is the contrary a greater concern: Is the Eurozone well on its way towards deflation? 

This conference focuses on the history of inflation, ranging from the Roman Empire to modern times. EaBH, the Czech National Bank together with the Czech Banking Association, want to look at what is new about inflation. Can historical instances of inflation provide tools for understanding modern developments? Should present day monetary authorities and decision takers be aware of these lessons as they cope with the challenges of the globalisation? 

The EaBH is calling for contributions for this conference, which could be as a speaker in one of the oral history panels. Or you could present a research paper. 
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Please send your proposals no later than 31 December 2014 to: