2024 conference

Liquid Gold: realising the potential of your business archive collections
7 November 2024, Glasgow

In 2024 the Business Archives Council of Scotland and the Business Archives Council will
hold their joint annual conference in Glasgow.

The conference is being hosted by The Macallan and will take place on Thursday 7 th
November 2024 at the head offices of the Edrington Group at 100 Queen Street, Glasgow
with online attendance also available.

Our theme is ‘Liquid Gold: realising the potential of your business archive collections’ and
just as Scotland’s most famous spirit is affectionately known as liquid gold and one of the
nation’s greatest exports we wish to explore the richness of business archive collections
either as assets for their own corporate businesses but also to consider their wider value to
society and potential for academic research and public engagement.

Ideas for submission include:

  • How archive collections support anniversary celebrations in an organisation?
  • The growth of heritage marketing as a concept and the value of archives for this.
  • Setting up an archive service in a corporate setting and understanding the reasons why a business invests in their archive.
  • Ways in which business archive collections can be used for wider community engagement activities eg public exhibitions.
  • The academic research potential within business archive collections, particularly examples of academic and corporate collaborations to explore collections.
  • Looking to the archive for inspiration for product development or to provide legal protection for brands and products.


We are looking for speakers to deliver a 20-minute presentation which will be part of a
wider session alongside two other speakers with time for questions at the end of each
session. In-person and online speaking slots available.

If you would like to submit a paper or a topic to present on, please send an expression of
interest to Business.Bites.Contact@gmail.com. Expressions should include a short
statement about the topic of your presentation, a short biography of the presenter and the
name of your organisation. Expressions should also indicate if you would like to present in
person or online and should not exceed 500 words.

Speakers will have their conference attendance fee covered but BAC/BACS cannot provide
assistance for travel and accommodation costs.

Deadline for Call for Papers is 14 June. Speakers will be notified within two weeks of the
CfP deadline.

The full CfP can be found here

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