BAC Bursary for Business History Research

BAC Bursary 2018

The Award

As a result of the generosity of Sir Peter Thompson, former Chairman of the National Freight Corporation, and the Wellcome Foundation, the BAC has instituted a trust fund, the income from which is used to offer annually a bursary to help an individual to further their research into business history through the study of specific business archives. In 2018 the value of the award will be up to £1000.


Applicants must be engaged in business history research using British-based business archives, normally at least of postgraduate level, with a view to publication of an article or book. Professional scholars and amateur researchers are equally welcome, but preference may be given to scholars at the beginning of their careers who are less able to call on other institutions for funding. Applicants studying for a research degree should identify a specific project based on identifiable archive resources, rather than merely seeking a grant-in-aid of their overall research programme.

Undergraduates, those researching commissioned histories and the members of the BACs Executive Committee are not eligible. Family historians and those wishing to work on records or archives not generated by business organisations, even to contextualise business history research, will not be eligible.

It is expected that the successful applicant will submit a short article based on the research to the Council's newsletter and website. This will not preclude publishing elsewhere.


Candidates should indicate: the objectives of their research, which will need to be within the broad field of business history; the nature and location of the specific set of business records they wish to study; a detailed breakdown of costs; the proposed methods of dissemination of the results of their work. 

All applications should be received by midnight 15 June 2018.

There is no application form. Candidates should include a brief curriculum vitae as well as the information indicated above. All applications must be word-processed and should not exceed four sides of A4.


The decision of the BAC is final. The successful applicant will be informed in writing within ten days of the closing date. The prize will be awarded at the Association of Business Historians Conference at Milton Keynes on the 28th June 2018.

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